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Tourism Fiji is seeking a qualified Public Relations (PR) and Social Media Agency to conduct
effective public relations and communications efforts in China. The selected agency will work
with Tourism Fiji’s Shanghai office in spearheading the initiation and coordination of public
relations and social media activities for the Chinese market. The agency will be selected
based on the following criteria. The process for responding to the Tender is detailed within.
Fiji comprises 333 islands and is located in the South Pacific. It has a population of over
860,000 people and its capital city Suva is located on the main Island of Viti Levu. Tourism is
an essential part of the economy and is responsible for at least one-third of the country’s
Growth Domestic Product.
Fiji is known for its white sand beaches, pristine crystal clear ocean waters and friendly
people. Fiji is one of the world’s greatest tropical island destinations which attracts
thousands of travelers each year, to enjoy its untouched natural resources and idyllic
Fiji is a country with a lot stories to tell. Visitor arrivals to the country continue to increase
significantly. In 1961, Fiji welcomed 14,722 international visitors and last year (2017),
842,884 international visitors graced the Fijian shores showing remarkable growth to date.
The main countries driving growth have been Australia and New Zealand. However, the long
haul markets of United States, Continental Europe, United Kingdom, China and the rest of
Asia, are important markets. Furthermore their contributions add value and the potential for
the Fijian Tourism Industry to grow. Especially with China being the fourth largest
international market for Fiji since 2017.
•  Increase measurable awareness of the Republic of Fiji as a premier holiday destination
•  Influence measurable engagement and decisions to visit Fiji
•  Collaborate with Tourism Fiji China team to create/develop new/existing relationships
with media aggregators and influencers in China
•  Increase awareness, familiarization, and understanding of the diversity of Fiji’s people,

place, and culture
•  Highlight the unique elements of the destination that appeal to Chinese travellers
•  Bring the story of Fiji to the trade and consumers in a truly engaging way
•  Inspire people to visit the country, stay longer and spend more money when they are
The selected agency will provide public relations and social media management services that
support Tourism Fiji goals in China. The selected agency must possess the experience in
traditional, digital and social that drives awareness and inbound tourism. In addition need to
have a strong destination public relations and Chinese social media capabilities for
developing successful tourism marketing communications and social campaigns in China.
What we are looking for in a Chinese PR and Social partner:
•  Strong presence in China with dedicated team based in Shanghai
•  Strategic and fresh creative thinking and ideas to ensure PR momentum month in
/month out even when there is no news
•  Rich experience on Chinese social media platforms development with engaging
initiatives instead of just pushing out contents regularly
•  An understanding of Fiji and an ambition to showcase the very best of what the country
has to offer in a positive and meaningful way
•  A tight integration and working relationship with our other communications partners
and channels to ensure maximum consistency of Brand Fiji and leveraging of ideas
across all channels
•  Derive PR and Social activities that influence the key outbound periods for Chinese
•  Depth and breadth of media contacts in both travel trade and consumer across China
•  A focus / proof of getting the maximum return on Tourism Fiji’s investment in your
•Media liaison with key travel trade, consumer & life style media
•Proactively pitching stories to key media
•Dissemination of relevant communications to media through press conferences, press
briefings, announcements (in local language where required)
•Tourism Fiji’s Weibo and B2B and B2C WeChat accounts Management
•Digital media promotions including social platforms
•Press Kits including E-press Kits (in Chinese)
•Crisis PR
•Media database creation and management
•Identifying and liaison with Media for individual and group media visits to Fiji and

follow-up to ensure returns
•Basic press office activities, like assessment of media requests, dealing with media
enquiries, providing press material, documentation and evaluation of results.
•Create an annual plan for reaching, engaging and influencing visits
•Provide monthly reporting of results by last day of each month
This tender will be used to select the best PR partner for China. We encourage agencies to
provide a written presentation which is to include but not limited to the following aspects:
Agency Overview
•  A summary of the company’s information, history and philosophy
•  List primary agency address and any satellite office locations
•  List of agency competencies
•  Description of agency successes (case studies) and how it differentiates itself from
•  Current client list and outline of long-term relationships
•  Overview of how agency measures impact of marketing communications results
•  Two written client testimonials or references with the expectation and permission for
the Tourism Fiji to contact those clients
•  Other content of agency’s choice to convey capabilities and experience
Strategy Overview
•How can you ensure your work stands out in the cluttered media environment?
•How do you keep momentum month in / month out when there is no news?
•How do you handle the PR around crisis/negative news, to ensure both travel trade and
consumers have access to timely, reliable and appropriate information?
•How do you manage media and influencers’ familiarization trips? And how would you
target specific media/journalists to maximum effect?
•How do you manage Weibo and WeChat in a creative way to increase engagement and
•Please outline your reporting processes and measures for evaluating the effectiveness of
earned media and Weibo/WeChat’s management efforts.
Additional Services
Additional services, such as development of media roundtable, media day, social/influencer
campaign and support, strategic planning, Hong Kong/Taiwan media outreach and research
may be noted and would be considered out-of-scope.
Agency Team
•Describe the team structure and how resources would be allocated.
•Include brief bios for assigned team members and their relevant experience.

•Provide an indication of your hourly rates and a proposed monthly retainer fee for
Tourism Fiji with a scope of what that covers (in RMB).
•Describe the KPIs and ROIs along with proposed monthly retainer fee
Do not contact any Tourism Fiji Board Member, members or employees. Any contact will
automatically disqualify the agency.
All ideas and concepts shared with the Tourism Fiji in this tender process will be submitted in
a non-proprietary manner. Presented ideas and concepts will be made available to use by
Tourism Fiji without any liability and will not constitute a formal agreement or requirement
for compensation.
Proposals will not be returned.
A dedicated full-time headcount will be required for the service. Tourism Fiji has the right to
interview and select the full-time headcount.
Tourism Fiji reserves the right to change any part of this Tender, the process and/or cancel at
any point for any reason without liability to submitting parties.
Interested agencies are reminded that untruthful and misinterpreted information provided in
a proposal will automatically disqualify the submitting agency. In addition, should untruths
or misrepresentation be found with the selected agency after contracting, such would be
grounds for immediate termination of the contract without liability by Tourism Fiji.
Submitting agency signifies understanding and agreement with these terms by responding to
the Tender.
Deadline for Questions: Friday, August 17, 2018
Questions must be sent to Vincent Zheng and received no later
than 5:00pm China Standard Time, Friday, August 17, 2018. Questions will be addressed at
the earliest. We strongly encourage interested respondents to review
Agencies may be selected for a verbal question & answer review and discussion.
Proposal Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2018
Proposals should be submitted in a PDF format via email with a file size not to exceed 20
pages and 5MB.
Proposals must be sent via email to by 5:00pm China Standard
Time, Friday, August 31, 2018. Proposals received after the deadline will be disqualified.
Tourism Fiji will confirm receipt of emailed proposals, but not take responsibility for any
technical issues related to agency submission through email or receipt confirmation.
Final Selection Deadline: Monday, September 17, 2018
Tourism Fiji will contact all submitting agencies via email to notify of any revisions,
cancellation or changes to the Tender content or process. The final selection will be made by
Monday, September 17, 2018 at which time Tourism Fiji will issue a Letter of Agreement with
a start date of October 1, 2018.

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